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Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity: Empowering Families in Need with Housing and Social Services

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Introduction:In the picturesque town of Greenwood, South Carolina, the Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity has been making a significant impact on the lives of families in need. Supported by the generous contributions and philanthropic efforts of the Kellar Lawrence Real Estate Company, this local organization is dedicated to providing affordable housing and essential social services […]

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May 2023 Homeward Bound Newsletter

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“HOME” WARD BOUND Impactful Real Estate News May 2023Kellar LawrenceYour Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Mind Your Mom! Just about every May I sit down to write Homeward Bound; I write about Mom’s Day. And why not… it is a very special day for very special people. My Mom used to tell me, seemingly repeatedly, to […]

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10 Ways to Save Money When Buying a New Greenwood Home

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When shopping for your home, you’ll discover that most homes on the market are resales. Yet, one out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Both new homes and resales offer advantages. Before you make a decision, let’s . . . COMPARE THESE POINTS! New Homes• offer innovative use of space and style• greater energy […]

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How to Avoid Costly Housing Mistakes in
the Midst of a Divorce

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Divorce is a tough situation which opens up many emotional and financial issues to be solved. One of the most important decisions is what to do about the house. In the midst of the heavy emotional and financial turmoil, what you need most is some non-emotional, straightforward, specific answers. Once you know how a divorce […]

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Greenwood Home Buyer Alert!


Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, or trading up to a larger one, there are many costs — on top of the purchase price — that you must figure into your calculation of affordability. These extra fees, such as taxes and other additional costs, could surprise you with an unwanted financial nightmare on closing day if you’re […]

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April 2023 Homeward Bound Newsletter

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“HOME” WARD BOUND Impactful Real Estate News April 2023Kellar LawrenceYour Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Give Me 30 Seconds and We’ll Save Families’ Life Together… Welcome to the month of April. By the time you are reading this, you will be deep into it. That means I can’t play any April Fool jokes on you. Never […]

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6 Costly Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying Home

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Mortgage Regulations Have Changed . . . Mortgage regulations have changed significantly over the last few years, making your options wider than ever. Subtle changes in the way you approach mortgage shopping, and even small differences in the way you structure your mortgage, can cost or save you literally thousands of dollars and years of […]

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March 2023 Homeward Bound Newsletter


“HOME” WARD BOUND Impactful Real Estate News March 2023Kellar LawrenceYour Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Who Cares if the Ground Hog got it right, Spring is STILL Coming! I promise. Spring is Springing!  Yay!  I just came inside from shooting a video outside and WOW!  It’s nice out!  Yes, I realize that when you get this […]

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